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Surgery aimed at changing or refining the appearance of the nose is known as "cosmetic" or "aesthetic" nasal surgery.  


These procedures are known as rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty.

The decision to have surgery to change the appearance of your nose is a highly personal one.  It is essential to work with your surgeon to discuss your aims and wishes in detail, and to have a full understanding of the procedure and its limitations.  You should take all the time you need to arrive at a decision, and feel confident that your surgeon understands your aims, and is able to meet your expectations.

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Rhinoplasty is a bespoke procedure, tailored to the individual and their concerns.


Click below to explore particular nasal concerns and types of procedure.

Form and function in cosmetic nasal surgery

The nasal septum forms the middle wall between the two nostrils, and is critical for the support of the bridge of the nose.  Because of this, the appearance and the function of the nose are intrinsically linked. 


Almost all procedures that alter the shape of the nose involve the nasal septum in some way, and would most accurately be termed a "septorhinoplasty".  This is especially true if your nose is asymmetrical, or you have any difficulty breathing through the nose.


It is therefore important to work with a surgeon with experience in treating both the appearance and the function of the nose.  This approach means that the structural integrity of the nose and the nasal airway are considered at the same time as the cosmetic appearance.  It aims to give you a final result that is not only natural and symmetrical, but also maintains a good nasal airway and stable appearance over time.

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